In addition to benefiting the community itself, we believe we can improve the quality of life for the individuals who occupy the places and communities we live in. We start with an idea or concept, and illustrate and map it out to create stand-out designs tailored specifically for each client. In bringing our transformative designs to a space, our process involves a keen awareness of the wide-ranging impact our work will have on the local environment. We call upon our knowledge of sustainability and climate change issues to mitigate any negative effects our designs may have on the particular space we are crafting. We work closely with our clients, who become more than mere recipients of our design solution. We involve our clients as active participants in each step of the transformation of a place or space, engaging them and allowing them to provide their own input throughout. We hope that in doing so, we can empower those who will use the space to become makers themselves, thus building social capital and calling attention to the way a more ecologically conscious design can positively impact a local neighborhood or community.